Mass X-Ray: An Archive

In 2017, I was invited to work alongside the Thackray Medical Museum, reinterpreting an object from their extensive collection for display in the exhibition galleries. Mass X-Ray: An Archive responds to a Projector for Mass X-Ray circa 1950, used by medical staff to view images from the nationwide Tuberculosis screening programme in the 1950s.

During my research visits to the collection store I was drawn to the Radiography equipment which resembled pieces from our vintage camera collection. Exploring the theme of X-Rays brought up memories of my own medical history, the tests I had undergone and my recent experiences of Pneumonia.

The Thackray Uncovered project brought together a collection of 2D and 3D works exploring medical imagery through stitch. Lacey fragments and soft sculpture were exhibited alongside stitched textiles from the 1950s. These vintage textiles evoke memories of the viewers own personal connection with fabric.