Going Sane: An Archive

In 2016, Hayley was commissioned by Hoot Creative Arts to create an exhibition piece as part of their flagship project Going Sane?

Going Sane: An Archive was Hayley’s first work exploring her own mental health experiences, cataloguing a year of feelings related to depression and anxiety. The works went on to be included in the 2016 Love Arts Festival, an annual festival celebrating creativity and aiming to get people thinking and talking about mental health to reduce the stigma so many people experience.

The collection was exhibited in Leeds City Museum, receiving thousands of visitors each week. Hayley received many messages in response to the honest and confronting nature of the project. Hayley said…

“Growing up, I always felt alone. I had these negative thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t explain and I had never met anyone else who felt this way. I created Going Sane: An Archive to let people know that they’re not alone and that so many of us struggle with our mental health.”

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