Deconstruct Reconstruct

Hayley began working on Deconstruct/Reconstruct in 2014 when her grandmother’s health began to deteriorate. Her aim was to create a catalogue of childhood memories, the catalyst, a 1930s sofa, sourced from a local vintage shop.

“I am fascinated by objects that remind me of a certain time or place and the memories that are released when these objects are deconstructed and explored before reconstructing them into new forms.”

Hayley’s memories of this sofa, sitting in the family living room were captured using digital embroidery, text pieces and photography, creating an archive of memories which would never be complete after the loss of both her grandparents.

She describes the sofa as…

“The place where I lay my head when I was unwell, the place I hid from unwanted visitors and the place where I learnt to knit sitting at my grandmothers’ feet.”

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