My love of textiles started when I was a child, I would spend hours sitting next to my grandmother as she knitted cardigans and darned wool socks. I started sewing at the age of five, adding a touch of style to the dresses worn by my Sindy dolls.

As an artist, I use fabric and thread to tell stories, often using intensely personal and emotive subjects inspired by people, objects and places. I use a variety of methods and experiment with traditional and contemporary textile techniques to create textile drawings and objects.

I have worked on community projects like 365 Leeds Stories and The Warm & the Cold, sharing stories about peoples’s lives and creating commissions for exhibitions.

Through collections of work like Archive and Deconstruct/Reconstruct I tell the story of my childhood through objects that remind me of a certain time and place.

In early 2016 I began working on Going Sane? An Archive and Time & Tide which reflect on my own experiences of depression and anxiety. These collections of work have resonated with audiences across Yorkshire, triggering memories and allowing people to reflect on their own experiences.