Notes From The Studio

I’ve been busy in the studio creating new exhibition pieces inspired by Scarborough Harbour. Piece Harbouring will be exhibited in London this April as part of the Prism Textiles exhibition Warped. I’m also exhibiting in Danby for the North Yorkshire Open Studios preview exhibition in the heart of the North York Moors. The exhibition runs from 11 February to 21 May – North Yorkshire Open Studios Exhibition, Inspired By…Gallery. You can find out more on the gallery’s website.

I’m working with digital embroidery, stitching into wool fabric and on Aquasol wash away fabric. This creates a series of elements that can be sculpted and appliqued to the wool fabric. I like to use found objects in my work, adding fishing floats and weights with rope from my beach combing walks.

The circular work is mounted on metal rings, stretching the wool into a perfect circle. I’ve been experimenting with the layouts, using my phone bracket to photograph ideas. I’ve also been sketching out ideas in my journal, my working sketches have been really helpful when I’m talking through ideas. I’m actually enjoying creating work again and getting back to regular studio days. I’d been feeling uninspired for a while from all the teaching and travelling.

My next piece flotsam and jetsam needs to be finished with machine wrapped cords and a few more digitally embroidered elements. Fingers crossed it gets selected for the Prism Textile exhibition alongside my early bird submission piece.

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