Celebrating Freelance Life

I’ve been lucky to work as a freelance artist for the last ten years, working in Yorkshire and beyond on community projects, exhibitions and collaborations. I want to day a huge thank you to all the organisations I’ve worked with and anyone who has come along to a workshop, participated in a project and bought a piece of artwork. I’ve met the most amazing people and done things I never thought I would achieve. I thought I would share a few of my highlights from the last ten years. You can find out more about my work in my Portfolio.

365 Leeds Stories

This was my first community project as a lead artist, working with Matthew and Alison from A Quiet Word in 2013. 365 Leeds Stories brought together stories from older Leeds residents and embroidery by a dedicated group of embroiderers. We worked from transcripts of interviews about their lives in Leeds, stitching their stories on maps of Leeds from the 1930s. I’d never coordinated such a big project before and I loved working with everyone collaboratively.

Archive & Other Stories

This was my first big solo exhibition back in 2018 in the amazing Whitby Museum. My work respond to the museum collection through storytelling, using my personal narrative to bring the objects to life. It was an honour to exhibit in a venue I’ve been visiting since childhood, working with a great team. The mayor of Whitby also came to the exhibition launch.


Since May 2013, I’ve been teaching on the Heydays programme at Leeds Playhouse. Heydays is an amazing project to work on, I’ve met wonderful people and helped them to create some fantastic artwork every term. It’s such a fun atmosphere and I’ve also worked alongside brilliant people and made new friends. I love coming up with new themes each term and seeing how people interpret this using fabric and thread.

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