It’s been a busy summer break, I spent lots of time in the studio planning and making new work for Fancy Goods and the Prism Textiles 2023 Warped exhibition. Working to a theme or title can sometimes be tricky, you can struggle to find inspiration in a single word. My first action was to make notes about the exhibition title in my journal. Online dictionaries are a great way to find lots of definitions for a word.



with reference to a ship: move or be moved along by hauling on a rope attached to a stationary object ashore… “crew and passengers helped warp the vessels through the shallow section”

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Since moving to Scarborough in 2020, I’ve been taking lots of photographs of the harbour and collecting different pieces of rope and metal. I’ve done work inspired by beach combing before, Ferrous Metals is inspired by rusted metal found along the Yorkshire Coast.

Harbouring takes more inspiration from ropes and knots and is much more sculptural, with my new work being 3D and will be hung in the exhibition space rather than wall mounted. I’ve been using my Pfaff Creative 3.0 embroidery machine and working with Aquasol wash away fabric. I love the way you can cut into and manipulate the layers of stitching that make up a design. I’ve also been using my model making skills, turning plastic curtain rings into rusted metal features.

I’m looking forward to sharing my work in progress on Instagram and in my monthly newsletter.

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