Notes from the Studio

I’ve been so busy working recently that my studio days have been a real luxury. Saturday 30 July was World Embroidery Day and I started work on a new Converse selfie using the same working methods as my hand embroidered portraits. I recorded my hands working on this new piece which you can see online on YouTube.

My studio notice board is all about Fancy Goods, the work and samples I’ve been creating and some objects that are inspiring the pieces I’m making. Opposite, the picture shelves are all about stitchscapes something I like to have on the go at all times.

I’ll be spending more time in the studio during my summer break, no emails, no meetings, just time to drink tea, plan and make new work. I might have a walk on the beach too.

My latest idea for a stitchscape is from last year and our trip to Hayburn Wyke. The waterfall and the rocks will make a great stitchscape, reminiscent of my May Beck piece from 2021. I love being able to create texture with different fabrics, building up the layers of stitching. I’ve been hesitant to start the piece, a blank piece of fabric can be very daunting but I’m going to start with background fabrics and build the design from there. No drawing and planning out is done when I create this type of work.

If you would like to create your own stitchscape, I’m running a workshop in my Scarborough studio on Sunday 9 October, you can book your tickets here.

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