Notes From The Studio

I’ve been taking some more time for myself recently, learning how to say no when it’s appropriate. This means I have more time to dedicate to my work and get back to doing what I love which is embroidery. It’s tough to admit that I needed a break from some of the volunteer roles but I’m glad that I spoke up.

I finally got a new studio notice board, something I’ve been delaying as my buyer’s remorse is real. This means I can finally stop moving a box file of research and partly finished work around the studio from surface to surface.

I’ve decided to rework an old stitchscape, it was my first experiment with free motion embroidery as part of the process and I’ve never been happy with the results. I took the plunge and cut into the piece, adding new fabrics and more sky. I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram.

My first project from the UFO box was one I’d been excited to get finished, a new pincushion and needle roll. I started this project in 2021 and got fed up of trying to get it right, hello perfectionism. I finished the English patchwork pincushion, adding a ribbon to store my quilting clips. The needle roll is cotton fabrics with a layer of wadding in between. The fabric is Famous Monsters by Robert Kaufman, I bought it about twelve years ago at The Knitting & Stitching Show.

I’m excited to be working on new pieces to share with you online and at North Yorkshire Open Studios in June. You can also find out more about my upcoming workshops and events in my monthly Newsletter.