Notes From The Studio

I’ve been struggling with a creative block for the last couple of months, my energy has been focussed on workshops and the beautiful wedding commission for a friend. This has mean’t that I’ve not been spending time in the studio on my own pieces.

My business coach, the brilliant Eleanor Snare has been helping me to get back into my own practice. To spark my creativity I’ve been working on some quick research projects, spending a couple of weeks on each theme. I randomly picked the topics from things I saw online that week and I’ve added all the dates to my calendar to keep track.

The first three topics are 3D forms, fancy goods and botanicals. I’ve complied research images and worked on samples that can feed into bigger pieces of work. It’s been great to have this new motivation and love for research and making work, something I haven’t done for a few months. My favourite pieces have been the magazine collages I made as part of my fancy goods research and development.

I’m looking ahead to my spring/summer workshops with Leeds Libraries where I’ll be teaching visible mending, an introduction to hand embroidery and a six week creative embroidery course. You can find out more in my latest newsletter.

I’ve also been busy preparing for North Yorkshire Open Studios in June. You can find out more about the event which was featured in the Yorkshire Post on my Media page. I can’t wait to open the doors to my studio for the first two weekends in June.

You can find out more about what I’m working on in the studio on Instagram