Notes From the Studio

I’ve been so busy teaching that it seems like such a long time since I made some of my own work. It was exciting to get the photographs back for Broken Doll and Where is my Mind? Mat Dale really knows how to capture my work.

My biggest project this month has been a commission for a friends wedding, stitching into a vintage map of Leeds printed onto fabric. The piece features writing by Aliss and Ryan, marking the places in Leeds that tell the story of their relationship.

I used the tissue paper transfer method, stitching through the paper and tearing it away. I treated to myself to some Sizzix tweezers, they were perfect for picking out the smaller fragments of paper inside the delicate handwriting. They absolutely loved the commission so it was worth taking time to get everything right.

There are a few quiet weeks ahead so I’m excited to work on some new pieces that I will be exhibiting as part of North Yorkshire Open Studios in June.