Stitch Experiments

Since August last year I’ve been learning as well as teaching, attending classes with Jessica Grady and Lucy Martin. It’s been great to spend time exploring different embroidery techniques and it’s helping me in my own practice. Although I’ve been embroidering for over 35 years, there’s always something new to explore.

As part of my coaching with Eleanor Snare, I’ve been challenged to fill the stitch experiments book I started back in 2020. I started the book when I wrote a post a new approach to stitches. I’d forgotten about the book until we talked about creating a journal of techniques. It was great to see the different techniques I’d tried and my new challenge is to fill the book and make notes about how I could use the techniques in a piece of work.

Experimenting with stitch is really fun, you don’t need lots of embroidery experience either. You can try working simple stitches in a different way or in a different thread. You can find out more in my post Stitches: New Approaches.