Notes from the Studio

I’ve been focussing on materials in the studio recently, making pieces inspired by my recent learning and trying new fabrics. It’s been great to use the skills I picked up on workshops with Jessica Grady and Hand & Lock tutor Lucy Martin.

Beads and sequins have always been in my stash but I’ve struggled to use them in exciting ways to create texture and dimension. The contemporary couture embroidery course was really fun and I learned so much about how to use beads and sequins in different ways.

I’ve used the skills I learned to create this bead and sequin piece. I used materials from my stash and some scraps of calico to make it so nothing new. I’ve had the long angel wing sequins for years and never known how to incorporate them into a piece before which is exciting. Nothing was planned in the piece and I just added bits each time.

I also picked up some linen fabric from Boyes to use as a base for my miniature worlds embroideries. I’ve been struggling with these pieces, wondering what would be the best fabric to use and this linen is really lovely to stitch into.

I’ve used Tyvek, beads and cotton perle threads to create this lichen inspired piece and I’m hoping to fill the whole hoop with different textures.

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