I’ve been busy with teaching and travelling again recently so my weeks are really busy at the moment. It’s especially important to take some time for myself and a stitchscape is a perfect pick up and put down piece. I rarely plan a stitchscape, instead I gather fabric and thread from my stash and start to lay out shapes on a calico background.

I use my Prym or Sewline glue pen to attached the fabrics, I find pins get in the way and leave marks on the fabric if it’s a while between stitching sessions. For thicker fabrics, I tack then down with a contrasting thread as the glue isn’t strong enough for things like felt. I like to use the shape of the fabric, especially when working from my scraps bag. There are interesting angles and frayed edges that I can incorporate.

My approach is to stitch as I go, adding stitches in cotton perle and assorted vintage threads. My favourite stitches to use are straight stitches and detached chain stitch. They can both be worked randomly to secure the fabric, add colour and texture. I try to never unpick my stitching or take off a piece of fabric, instead I add more fabric or stitching to enhance what I’ve been working on.

I will be running some more stitchscape workshops in 2022 in Leeds and Scarborough. To find out about upcoming workshops you can sign up to my monthly newsletter or follow me on Instagram.