Notes from the Studio

Summer is often a quiet time for teaching as people are on holiday and enjoying the sunshine. As a result, I’m enjoying more time in the studio. It’s been great to have so much time in the space, partially because it’s the coldest room in the house!

I’m working on existing pieces like my largescale stitchscape as well as planning new pieces and shaking things up a bit. I’ve been looking at more sculptural pieces from a few years ago, reflecting on how I can work in 3D on new pieces.

I’ve been working with Eleanor Snare, an independent supervisor for artists and creatives looking to develop their work in imaginative and commercial new directions. I often describe this process as art counselling, helping me to find new challenges and understand my work.

August will be studio focussed, only answering important emails and trying out process old and new. I’ve set myself the challenge of filling a sketchbook, this will be research, photographs, ideas and drawings.

I’m excited to take on this new challenge and develop some new ideas that I can translate into fabric and thread. You can follow me on Instagram to see work in progress and sign up to my newsletter for regular updates about my practice and upcoming workshops and talks.