Prism Virtual Collaboration

I’ve been getting more involved with Prism Textiles since becoming a member last year. It’s great to meet the other artists and become part of the marketing team, helping to share the work of our members and promote textile art.

One of our new projects is a virtual collaboration, working on two pieces of cloth and using a variety of techniques each month. For the first month we had to choose three techniques from couching, slashing, darning and stem stitch. I decided to give slashing a miss, I’m not good at deliberately making a mess so that didn’t seem right like right technique for me.

Alongside creating our pieces, we are meeting on Zoom to chat about the work and catch up about our work. As a new member this has been a great way to connect with people. I’ll be hosting our next meet up in May which I’m really excited about.

For month two we have to choose two techniques from foiling, printing, line drawing, grids, insertion stitch and layering. I’ve been inspired by some empty shop windows, the layers of tape and the reflections of the buildings across the street. They also match the neutral colour palette I’ve been using.

To find out more about Prism Textiles and see what the members have been working on you can follow them on Instagram.