Notes from the Studio

It’s been a busy few weeks in the studio, I start teaching again in March so there’s been lots of workshop preparation happening. I’ve also been putting together the bunting for my project with Craven District Council and Skipton Town Hall which is very exciting. The joy of working on community projects is seeing what people can create with fabric and thread.

The bunting doesn’t disappoint and is full of inspiring embroidery, hand painting and appliqued designs inspired by the theme of celebration. The finished piece will be on display in the museum when the building reopens. You can find out more about the museum and it’s redevelopment here.

Our daily walks have been providing lots of inspiration and I have a huge collection of lichen pictures. I love the colour and texture that lichen creates plus it’s a sign of good air quality. My miniature worlds pieces have been inspired by these photographs and found objects like shells and pebbles. The finished pieces measure just a few inches across and are made from materials like Tyvek, wool felt and beadwork.

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