Notes from the Studio

I’ve been settling into a new work/life routine in my Scarborough home studio, creating work inspired by the shells and pebbles I’ve picked up on our daily walks. The move gave me a chance to look through all my materials and equipment from teaching and past projects. I have lots of Merino wool tops from felt making workshops over the last few years and I wanted to experiment with felting around objects, a technique I haven’t tried for years.

I love working with the fibres, wrapping them around pebbles from the beach and seeing how the mix of colours blends together. I decided to cut into the pieces I made and started felting them again, seeing the colours that had blended together in new ways and making smaller pieces to stitch into.

If you follow my work, you will know that circles are one of my favourite ways to display work. I stitched the felt pieces onto some grey boiled wool and started stitching beads around them using colours from the fragments of shell, ceramic and pebbles from North Bay Beach.

I’ve had so much fun making these pieces, they only measure three inches across so they don’t take hours to make. I’m looking forward to starting some new ones next week, inspired by some shells from South Bay Beach.

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