Arts and Minds Hope Quilt

During the first few months of lock down, I was asked by Arts and Minds network to lead a collaborative project. Participants from within the trust were asked to create a square for a group quilt, the theme for the project was hope.

During COVID-19 we have all been hoping and dreaming about different things, like seeing our friends or family or visiting the seaside. Your quilt square can be anything you want it be when you think about hope.

Arts and Minds Network

I’ve worked on similar projects in collaboration with creatives like arthur+martha and A Quiet Word, bringing together people’s work to tell a story. Over a couple of month, I received squares from across Yorkshire that came together to make the Hope Quilt.

People created squares using hand embroidery, applique and fabric dyeing, each sharing how they felt about the COVID-19 pandemic, what they miss and sharing a message of hope and optimism. Lots of the squares were returned with notes about the work and feedback on the project.

Thank you so much for letting me be part of this uplifting project – I’ve really enjoyed it!

JW, Project Participant

Thank you for inviting me to join your project, I loved stitching this piece. During lock down I have missed being outdoors and in particular being beside the sea.

SH, Project Participant

We’re hoping to exhibit the quilt in 2021, where participants and the public can see the wonderful work that has gone into each square.

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