Notes from the Studio

I’m working with Chapel FM on a new project so I’ve been busy packing kits ready to be delivered to the local community on Seacroft. It can be tricky to cut 150 skeins of embroidery thread into lengths for the embroidery kits so I came up with an easier way. Wrapping the threads around the legs of an Ikea stool allows me to get the 1m pieces I need for the envelopes. I just need an easier way to pick and knot them now!

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a little bit uninspired about my own practice for the last few weeks. It can be tough when you’re working on new classes and spending time on Zoom in meetings. It was good to get back to using my Pfaff Creative 3.0 this week, creating a Converse embroidery for my sister.

I’ve been working on more hand embroidered items lately, forgetting how much fun it is to watch the design appear as my embroidery machine stitches out the design. Working with the 6D software allows me to create designs from drawings and photographs. I haven’t stitched this Converse image since 2018 when it was part of my exhibition Archive & Other Stories at Whitby Museum.

I’m hoping to find some time before the house move to create some more pieces of work so fingers crossed. For regular updates about my practice follow me on social media @hmillsstyles or sign up to my newsletter.