Shopping in Your Stash

Things are changing in the Mills-Styles household, we’re in the process of relocating to the Yorkshire Coast. It’s been our dream for a long as we’ve been married so we are really looking forward to our new house and living just a short walk from the sea.

If you are a regular reader you will know how much I love organising and packing so I’ve started already! It’s been a great chance to go shopping in my stash, looking at the materials I already have for inspiration. We’ve started to build a box wall in our bedroom, it’s made from my teaching stash which is usually hiding in the loft.

As my teaching is all online at the moment I’ve been using the materials to make kits, I’ve found loads of materials and equipment that have been stashed away so it’s saved me lots of money. The denim has been used in my visible mending kits, I didn’t realise how much I had in the large bag of fabric in the loft. I’ve also taken the opportunity to pass on some unwanted fabric to friends, I hate materials just lying around not being used.

I found this piece of rust dyed calico hiding in between some wool fabric, I don’t remember dyeing it but it was probably from 2018 and my exhibition Archive & Other Stories at Whitby Museum. I spent lots of time collecting rust fragments from the beach to hand dye fabrics for the exhibition. I’m now looking at ways to add dimension to the fabric with beads and wool threads.

I highly recommend looking through your stash, finding material that will inspire a new embroidery or piece of clothing. That embroidery kit you bought five years ago could be a perfect project for a autumn evening and you can find a new challenge in that pile of magazines under the table. Shopping in your stash saves money it’s great for the environment too.

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