Research & Development

It’s been five months since I went on a research trip, the world has changed so much and I’ve grown used to staying near home and taking inspiration from the streets and parks and woodland in and around Kirkstall. I been listening to the Very Serious Crafts Podcast in the studio last week and the hosts were talking about shopping in your stash which inspired me to start researching from my hard drive. It was great to look through the exhibitions I’ve visited and museum collections I’ve explored.

The Archive at Sunny Bank Mills has to be my most photographed location, I love exploring the shelves of fabric and books full of peg plans. I’ve previously created work inspired by my visits which was exhibited in the now demolished Finishing Room in 2017. Fragments: An Archive explored the text found in carbon copy books and on the Archive shelves.

Back in February we visited Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood in Derbyshire. The museum has a wonderful collection of toys including dolls and their accessories. I started researching dolls as part of my exhibition Archive & Other Stories at Whitby Museum. I’ve wanted to make some more doll inspired pieces for a while now and these pictures are great starting point for developing some new ideas.

As part of my research for community and collaborative projects I visited Banner Culture, part of the British Textile Biennial in 2019. The exhibition was a wonderful collection of work made by different community groups and individual artists. Revisiting this research has given me some new ideas for large scale work and my upcoming community projects.

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