Creative Toolkits

I’ve been working with the wonderful Artlink West Yorkshire since 2018 as part of their Moving on Project. When the country went into lockdown this year, Artlink decided to create a new way of working with our participants and the Creative Toolkits project was born.

Working with participants across Leeds, we are designing kits with instructional videos that use a variety of different materials and techniques to inspire people to create. I delivered my first two kits to Potternewton on Wednesday morning and I can’t wait to see what people will create.

My first two activities are based around the theme of science fiction, designing a planet using a paper plate as a background and then designing a character that might live on the planet. Storytelling is an important part of my practice and I wanted to include this in the project.

Each month, participants will be attending a Zoom session where will share stories about the work we have created. Showing the pieces to fellow participants. It’s great to be able to connect with people in this new way of working.

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