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I joined Skipton Embroiderers Guild in 2018 after giving a talk about my practice. Everyone was so welcoming and I’d been thinking of joining a branch for a while so it was the perfect choice for me. Alongside the monthly meetings (global pandemics aside) we have different protects to get involved in and travelling books is one of my favourites.

My first book was inspired by maps, a recurring theme in my practice from projects like The Grief Series and 365 Leeds Stories. I wanted to share some of my inspiration and create something different so I hand stitched the route from Google Maps from my home to Skipton.

Once you’ve completed the first few pages of the book, including a short introduction to the theme, it’s passed on to the next person in your group. Each person creates a stitched response to theme and passes it on to the next person. It’s exciting to see what people create and how they interpret the theme.

I’m now on my second group, taking inspiration from the different themes chosen by my fellow members. My current book is The Selfie so I’m creating a piece of work that I’m well known for, my Converse selfies on Instagram.

The work above from left to right is by Margaret Creek, Sally McGonigle and Sue Ingles. The centre image below is by Claire Ketteman.

I’m excited to pass this book and and get started on the next theme, I’ve got trees, Gwynedd and windows to inspire me. My new book is inspired by Stitching for Wellbeing, a project with the Thackray Museum of Medicine.

If you’ve thought about becoming an Embroiderers Guild member you can find out more on their website. I’ve been lucky to attend lots of branches as a speaker and I’ve been a member at the Yorkshire branch in Leeds too. They’re a great way to meet fellow textile enthusiasts and get inspired.

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