Notes from the Studio

My world has changed in the last couple of weeks, I’m working on commissions, online classes and community projects which means there’s less time for stitching. I’m still making time each week to work on my studio practice, taking inspiration from the things I see on daily walks.

We’re lucky to live near so much green space, with lots of woodland around to explore. I found this fallen tree on the edges of a busy park a few weeks ago. I loved the colours and textures on the tree and the bracket fungus. They lend themselves to pincushions and a series of textural embroideries so I’m looking forward to working on some samples.

I decided to treat myself to some new fabrics and I came across the amazing Scruffy Dog Eco on Etsy. Her fabrics are all hand dyed using plant matter and this cotton assortment is perfect for my fungi inspired pieces.

In 2019 at The Festival of Quilts, I was inspired by the work of India Flint and her exhibition Incomplete Journeys. India’s use of natural materials is wonderful and it’s inspired me for this collection of work.

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