Notes from the Studio

As our future remains uncertain I’m relying more than ever on my work to keep me grounded and give me something to focus on. This week I’ve been busy in the studio working on some pieces inspired by maps.

I’ve been creating some new pieces for my online shop inspired by my recent patchwork with paper workshop for Arts & Minds. They use vintage maps and hand embroidery to create colour. pattern and texture. I love stitching into paper, it’s easy to do by hand and on your sewing machine. Take care when using your machine and use a separate needle for stitching paper.

I’ve been working some of my six stranded embroidery threads and No. 12 Cotton Perle to cover plastic rings with blanket stitch. I first learned this technique at an Embroiderers Guild meeting, it was the only part of Dorset Button making that stuck inside my head!

You can find out more about using unusual materials in my previous Mixed Media Embroidery blog post. Take a look in your recycling and root around in the shed to find some fun bits and pieces to experiment with.

I’ve also been putting the finishing touches to my Strava Map series, recording the routes I followed on my daily walks. The maps are hand stitched on vintage fabrics from my collection. I love how the motifs on the fabric look like a cartouche from a historical map.

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