A Few of My Favourite Things

In these strange times I wanted to stay connected so my blog will continue as normal. I thought it would be great to share some of my favourite things with you. My craft stash is more important than ever as I’m spending lots of time in the studio. I’m lucky to have a studio at home so I stall have access to all my materials and equipment.

Thread Collection

I’ve built up a large selection of threads over the years, some of them were donated and some I’ve bought from suppliers like Barnyarns. I work with three main kinds of thread in my work and each one has a different use.

For digital embroidery I work with Madeira Rayon 40 thread. These fine threads come in huge range of colours and are strong enough to withstand the heavy layers of stitching. When the threads are used on wash away stabiliser the quality of them changes from silky smooth to matte and textured.

Vintage threads are some of my prized possessions, I have a large collection that includes donated items and charity shop finds. I use the different threads for hand embroidery and adding details to my digitally embroidered pieces.

Embroidery Machine

In 2015 I decided to invest in a Pfaff Creative 3.0 sewing and embroidery machine. After working with embroidery machines during my MA in textiles it was great to get this machine home. I use the machine alongside 6D, a Pfaff design programme that allows me to bring my photographs and drawings to life using thread. The machine is a workhorse and integral to my work.

Button Jars

My shelves are full of crafty treats but my button jars are really special to me. We all remember the button jar that we played with as children and some of my buttons belonged to my grandma. I’ve built up a huge collection through donations and charity shop finds over the years. To make things easier, I colour match them in a selection of jars.

Desk Space

I’m lucky to have a home studio that we created to make the best use of the space in the back bedroom. I have a large white desk from Ikea that sits in front of the window. I love watching the birds in the garden as I work although they can be a distraction. My two metre run of desk means that I can have lots of things on the go like my laptop and a couple of projects. The white background is great for flat-lays and all my photo shoots.

I’d love to see some of your favourite materials and your workspace so get in touch via email hayleymillsstyles@gmail.com or through social media, just click the links in the sidebar.