Notes from the Studio

Finding time in the studio each week is really important for me and my practice. Those days where I can focus on my new ideas without distraction have helped me to create some new samples and collate my research.

I’ve been reflecting on work inspired by my collection of vintage textiles and objects from my childhood home. Project books are an important part of my process, I use them to record my inspiration and make notes on samples. They are a record of my ideas and help me to develop my initial ideas

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with different fabrics, threads and techniques to create a series of small stitched work. It’s been fun to experiment with techniques like goldwork, using the purl like beads to create texture. I love the way that different threads and fabrics create texture as the light catches them. You can create interesting surfaces using a limited colour palette, something I love to do in a lot of my work.

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