Vessels of Memory

I’ve been developing some new work in the studio for the last few months inside vintage boxes. Vessels of memory is still in the early stages but I had my wonderful photographer Mat Dale take some photos of the pieces I’ve been creating.

The pieces I’ve made are inspired by family history, the silver cigarette box belonged to Uncle Frank who fought in the trenches at Arras during WWI. The collar box was inspired by my grandad and the loose collar from his dress shirt, the wreath sits inside a vintage leather collar box. The Tupperware box contains the ashes of my secrets which I burned a few weeks ago.

I also began to work on pieces inspired by my grandma, including some pincushions inside jewellery boxes. You can see more of my pincushions in my new portfolio page and for regular updates about my practice you can follow me on social media, just click the links in the sidebar.