Notes from the Studio

I’ve been busy in the studio since my winter break, getting my work organised to be photographed in a few weeks. The new year is always a time to reflect so I’ve enjoyed looking back at my old collections of work and taking inspiration from them. I’m also happy to note that my embroidery skills have improved in just a few short years since I made some of the pieces.

This week I’ve been focusing on some new found object inspired pieces as part of Ferrous Metals. The colour palette for these pieces is a departure from my neutral comfort zone, using my photographs and pieces of metal as the starting point.

Working with some heavy wool fabric, digitally embroidered drawings and 3D elements, the work is formed around metal rings which you can find in Fred Aldous.

My collection of found metals is always growing, I found some more pieces at Skinningrove beach on Sunday. These metal fragments can be worked into embroidered designs as a 3D embellishment or used to dye fabrics and embroidered drawings. I’m looking forward to creating some new pieces from this research.

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