Notes from the Studio

It’s been a busy few weeks and my teaching has been the main focus of my energy. My Heydays class is in full swing and it’s great to be back at Leeds Playhouse. I’ve also been making some new samples for classes with Workshop in Headingley.

Last week we decided to get out of the city and enjoy the autumn sunshine in Dalby Forest, it’s such a beautiful spot and has so much to see. After a quick stop in the cafe for a vegan Cornish pasty we decided to take a walk around the lake. The forest floor was covered in an array of mushrooms and other fungi, each in their own little world.

I was drawn to this beautiful purple mushroom which I haven’t been able to identify yet. The shades of pink, purple and the frilled edge made me think about ruffled fabrics decorated with beads and straight stitches.

Back in the studio, I’ve started to experiment with dyes to create a selection of fabrics I can use to create hand stitched and beaded samples.

Fabric pleating is something that I’ve never tried before, I’ve gathered fabric using heading tape, a technique I experimented with on my degree. To make pleats with a piece of calico, I marked out 5mm gaps with a marking pen and stitched them with a strong thread. once gathered the pleats were beautifully crisp.

I’ll be continuing to explore these ideas when I get some time in the studio, to see work in progress and find out more about my workshops you can follow me on social media, just click the links in the sidebar.