Notes from the studio

After taking some time away from the studio to relax and regroup, I’ve spent a couple of days in the studio this week. Last week, I experimented with different layouts for the cigarette box piece. It was great to get a better idea of how the work will look for an exhibition.

I’ve been exploring ideas for work inspired by my grandad’s dress shirt for a few months now. I’ve made replica collars and looked at how the shirt was made but nothing really stood out to me. In a bit of a panic last week, I drew the outline of the shirt onto tracing paper and started stitching the lines with vintage grey thread. I needed a hand stitching project to work on at MCR Sew Social, a group I run with my friend Louisa and this seemed like an easy piece to work on.

It’s great when a piece of work sneaks up on you, something that was throw away can become a beautiful textile object or drawing. The tracing paper transfer method wasn’t right for this image so I went back to tissue paper. It’s harder to stick down but much easier to tear away after stitching.

The lid of a jewellery box has been sitting in my studio for a couple of months now, it’s one of the boxes I started taking apart at the start of this project. The shirt embroidery is a really great fit for the piece so I started lining the lid, wrapping the fabric around cardboard sections.

I’m really happy with the box lid, especially as the work was wholly improvised! Next week I’ll be working on the collars which will sit inside the box and creating a fabric lining for the base of the box.

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