Notes from the Studio

Creativity has been an elusive commodity this week! I’ve been busy prepping for workshops and community projects so I’m feeling pretty uninspired. This is nothing new, a project always begins with lots of energy and ideas but can feel like a struggle after a few weeks. I’m continuing to work on the piece inspired by Olly’s letters from the trenches and I’ve now finished the hand embroidered text fragments.

I’ve used a vintage cotton fabric from a pillowcase to stitch the text, this is them backed with Filmoplast. This medium weight self adhesive backing gives stability to the fabric, allowing it to be rolled and stitched into 3D forms. These rolled text fragments will form part of a small installation inside a display case.

I’m now planning the next few pieces as well as working on new workshops and talks which will be launching soon. For regular updates about my practice you can follow me on social media, just click the links in the sidebar.