Leeds Discovery Centre

For the last few months I’ve been researching costume and textiles as part of a new collaborative project called Flock North. Working alongside visual artist Louise Atkinson, I’ve been exploring textile production at Leeds Industrial Museum and Sunny Bank Mills Archive.

Last week, we went on a store tour at Leeds Discovery Centre which houses 95% of the collections belonging to Leeds Museums & Galleries. Previously, I’ve only been to the Discovery Centre to deliver work so I was excited to see the store.

One of the best ways to access and see our collections is to enjoy our free store tours held every Thursday. These unique tours highlight fascinating objects and delve into the stories behind some of our most unusual items.

This unique centre helps us preserve and protect over one million intriguing objects and treasures from our dress and textile, social history, natural science, geology, archaeology and world cultures collections. From toucans to telephones, meteorites and masks, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

The store has a huge collection of costume and textile items, from social history to military uniforms, tailoring to trade union banners. The hour long tour was really interesting but we didn’t have time to get a closer look at the textile items. Our guide was really helpful and told us to contact them and make an appointment to view items with the costume and textiles curator.

I highly recommend a store tour, they are really fun and last for about an hour. They run throughout the summer at 11am on Thursdays.