Away from the Studio

It’s been a busy schedule this month, I’ve been teaching and having meetings about my various projects which has taken up most of my time.

Saturday gave me the chance to visit Whitby for the first time this year. The trip was mostly for pleasure but I was keen to visit Whitby Museum to review my exhibition space.

Converse selfie with Embroidery

Converse Selfie with Embroidery

I took gallery measurements and reviewed my pieces of embroidery to see how the colours will work in the space. It was a valuable trip as a few of the colours didn’t look great.

I’d forgotten how much I needed a break so wandering around the town and meeting friends for tea and cake was wonderful.

Yesterday I visited London for the first time in years with Linda Boyles from Arts and Minds Network. We attended a discussion in the House of Lords. Creative health: The arts for health and wellbeing.

Converse Selfie with Linda on the Southbank
Converse Selfie with Linda on the Southbank

It was a great opportunity to talk about my experience of creativity and it’s benefits. I also shared my recent projects and how we can raise awareness of the way creativity can provide support for people living with a mental health problem.

My teaching finishes this week so I’m hoping to spend more time in the studio creating work for my exhibitions.

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